Elisée 150 - ICU Ventilator
An invasive and non-invasive ventilator designed for hospital and home use.
  • Suitable for adult or paediatric patients.
  • Combines volumetric and barometric ventilation modes with a single or double limb circuit.
4.0kg - 4.8kg (8.8lb - 10.6lb) depending on internal battery options.

260mm x 240mm x 130mm (10.2" x 9.4" x 5.1").

Seven ventilation modes
(A)CV (Assisted) Controlled Ventilation in volume
(A)PCV (Assisted) Pressure Controlled Ventilation
(S)IMV (Synchronised) Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation
(S)IPPV Synchronised) Intermittent Positive Pressure Ventilation
PSV+F Pressure Support Ventilation with security volume and back-up frequency; or Pressure
  Support Ventilation with security volume and apnea ventilation
PS.TV Pressure Support with Tidal Volume
CPAP Continuous Positive Airway Pressure

  • Tidal volume from 50mL to 2500mL
  • Wide range of external supply: 12V - 28V DC
  • Built-in autonomy up to 14 hours / 20 hours (with removable battery pack)
  • Adjustable sigh and recruitment period
  • LCD touch screen
  • Two preset ventilation configurations